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Head Songs

These songs were collected from a question I posted to the HeD, XL-List and YSOC (yahoo! Sportster Online Club). I was afraid of what I'd find on RMH so I didn't ask!!

"What do you sing when you're riding?"
Some of you people are downright weird!!!

To quote Gofur:
"there are those tunes which come out of the recesses of our past and become so firmly implanted that only lit  cherrybombs inserted deeply in the ear canal or a brain transplant can remove them.  Songs that go on every waking moment for days...  till we beg someone to shoot us in the head...and a thousand other inane tunes which we hated from the moment we heard them but have such a primal pull that they root like a baobab tree."
Lemon Song Zeppelin
Whole Lotta Love Zeppelin
The Motorcylce Song Arlo Guthrie
Radar Love Golden Earring
Do Wa Diddi Manfred Mann
The Gilligians Island theme song  
Zip Di De Do Da  
Theme to Rawhide Blues Brothers
Unknown Legend Neil Young
Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf
Great Balls o'Fire Jerry Lee Lewis 
King of the Road Roger Miller
Little 'ol Lady from Pasadena Beach Boys
Horse with No Name America
Henry The Eighth Herman Hermit's
Hard Drivin' Man J.Geils Band
Time of the season The Zombies
Amazing Grace Gospel song
On the Road Again  Willie Nelson
Mama, Don't let your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys Willie Nelson
Riders on the Storm The Doors
Highway to Hell AC/DC

The not so classic but still some strong contenders:

Highwaystar Deep purple
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road Lucinda Williams
Tibetan throat singing  
Whipping Post Berry Oakley
Ride with me Steppenwolf
War Pigs Black Sabath
Roadhouse Blues The Doors 
Tony Patty Griffin
Promise of You Edwin McCain
Zombie The Cranberries
Turn the Page Bob Segar
TwilightZone Golden Earing
In God's Country U2
Sweetest Thing U2
Iowa Dar Williams
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing Chris Isaak
Duece Kiss
Take Me Kiss
Centerfield John Fogerty
Rock and Roll Girls John Fogerty
Mother of Mexico Sharyn Murray
Magic Carpet Ride Steppenwolf
Hot for Teacher Van Halen
Panama Van Halen
Fly away Lenny Kravits
Bad to the Bone George Thorogood
Time for me to fly REO Speedwagon
Cisco Kid theme War
Harley David, Son of a B*tch  
Wild Child WASP
Whiskey in the Jar Metallica or Thin Lizzy Versions
Fuel Metallica
Wayfaring Stranger  
the Beep Beep Song  
Little Deuce Coup Beach Boys
Black Denim Trousers The Cheers
Ain't that the way it goes:she wants to rock but I gotta roll  
The Potty Song  from a potty training video??
Real World Matchbox 20
Catch Up With The Blues Johnny Clyde Copeland

And a tune that's sure to become an all time classic...(from Inch)

<Elmo voice on>
(to the tune of "I just called to say I love you")
Elmo called, to say, Elmo loves you.Elmo called, to say how much Elmo cares.
Elmo called, to say, Elmo loves you, (yeah Elmo does)
And Elmo means it from the bottom of Elmo's heart.
<Elmo voice off>

If you want to add anything to the list drop me a line.


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