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Where's Yo! ?


[Electronic Dog Collar]

Some background...
When I take a road trip I'm often on the road long hours covering a 1000km in a day (that's 600m for my 'mericun friends) and I'm not very good at checking in to let anyone know where I am. Covering 1000km +/- in a day doesn't allow for a lot of downtime and sending text messages and posting updates to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter just isn't a priority.

There's an app running on my iPhone, using GPS it gives my "location, time, speed, etc" every 10min as I make my way across the continent on two wheels. Want to know where I am and what time I got there, no problem! It's all on the map below...well the last 24hrs anyway.

GPS Tracking Provided by FollowMee.com. Click here for a full page view